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The SSC needs your help. Do you know a veteran who is suffering? Do you know a surgeon, medical doctor, or researcher? Send them our way—we need to connect every provider, every victim. And more than that, we need your support, in time and money. Every dollar you donate is more than tax deductible, it leads to tangible results and saving lives by supporting grants to the nation’s preeminent research institutions, advocacy to create better healthcare, and outreach to sick veterans.

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If you’re a veteran, and you may be suffering from exposure injuries, visit our help section. Look into your symptoms, and our guide to ongoing research. And bring it to your caregivers, reach out to us, and reach out to your fellow suffering veterans through Facebook at The more you communicate, the more you can help yourself and other veterans suffering alongside you.


If you are a provider, veterans’ lives may be in your hands. We strongly encourage healthcare providers to educate themselves about the diagnosis and treatment of exposure injuries. Start by attending continuing medical education on the subject. To request information about SSC-approved resources and upcoming CME events, email