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Statements and supporting documents submitted to the Defense Health Board regarding Deployment Pulmonary Health are posted here. From our Statement:

“As the Defense Health Board deliberates, men and women who served are country in war are suffering and dying from illnesses clearly linked to toxic exposures in the war theater. These men and women are not getting the care that they need. Now is the time for aggressive action to directly confront environmental war injuries.”

On November 6, 2014, in Dayton, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Defense Health Board responded to statements we submitted (below) by recommending pre-deployment lung function tests for service members  if there is a significant risk of pulmonary hazard – which we believe should include deployment to the Middle East theater of operations, where significant pulmonary risk and injury has been documented. Although the Defense Health Board has yet to post its final recommendations, we have posted below the slide with the new recommendation to start pre-deployment spirometry where there is risk.

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*Defense Health Board Report is posted at