Links to Recent News About Post Deployment Health

“Gulf War Syndrome, Other Illnesses Among Veterans May Be Due To Toxic Environments”

Huffington Post (February 8, 2013)


“Wars’ Burn Pits Stoke Health Concerns”

Montgomery Advertiser (January 28, 2013)


“Report: New vets showing Gulf War illness symptoms”

USA Today (January 23, 2013)


“Agency: Lejeune water contaminated in 1953″

Marine Corps Times (January 8, 2013)


“A New Agent Orange?”

The American Conservative (October 16, 2012)


“Beware the Monkeys: Animal Bites Plague Troops in Afghanistan”

Popular Mechanics (September 12, 2012)


“Senate panel approves burn pit registry”

Marine Corps Times (September 12, 2012)


“Want lead with that? Toxic materials found in Navy dining area”

Government Executive (September 7, 2012)


“Wars may be making young bodies old”

USA Today (September 5, 2012)


“Veterans’ risk of developing ALS may be higher”

Marine Corps Times (August 5, 2012)


“Leaked Memo: Afghan ‘Burn Pit’ Could Wreck Troops’ Hearts, Lungs”

Wired (May 22, 2012)


“Irritable Bowel Syndrome Among Returning Veterans”

Medical News Today (March 23, 2012)


“Sick soldiers: Symptoms exist but the diagnosis unclear”

Medill Reports (March 8, 2012)


“Navy researcher links toxin in war-zone dusts to ailments”

USA Today (May 14, 2011).


“For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results”

New York Times (February 12, 2011).


“Gulf War Illness is Real, a New Federal Report Says”

CNN (November 17, 2008).

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  1. Maria Zander

    Question: is there any updated information on breast cancer for those that were in the Gulf War. I am a Gulf War Vet and had both my breast removed in 2006 just to turn around again and have breast cancer come back on my right side again in 2013. I am currently still going through surgeries, I must have had over 20 in the last 9 years. Been in and out of the hospital. Went to VA to file a claim for cancer and was told NO it wasn’t service connected. Any additional information you could provide would be great.

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