Sergeant Sullivan Fund at NJH

We are proud to announce a new beginning with the creation of The Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan Fund at National Jewish Health (NJH). The Fund will support NJH’s Center for Excellence for Deployment-Related Lung Disease (Center of Excellence).

The goals of the Center of Excellence are to identify causes of, develop personalized treatments for, and protect our service men and women from contracting lung disease while at war. The Fund will streamline and more effectively fulfill the Sergeant Sullivan Center’s mission of funding medical research to prevent and treat deployment-related illnesses.
It has been an incredible journey over the last six years, and we thank you all for your support and dedication.  While we are closing the doors of the SSC, the Sergeant Sullivan Fund creates a new avenue for direct public support for innovative indepdendent research and clinical work on deployment-related lung disease.
Please contact us at (202) 277-3258 for more information.