Surviving in the Homefront

Surviving the Homefront captures the struggle of a Veteran, Chris, who is adapting to life back home while working as a management consultant and struggling with an unexplained and occasionally debilitating chronic condition.

Sergeant Sullivan Center

Our Mission

Founded in 2010 by the family of Marine Corps Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan, an Iraq War Veteran who fell to post-deployment illness, the Sergeant Sullivan Center works to improve post-deployment health through Awareness, Research and Connection.

Burn Pit Soldiers at Vanderbilt

Veteran Lung Health Problems

Read more about the work being done at Vanderbilt University Medical center on veterans lung health issues. The Stony Brook  University Medical Center Lung Health Symposium, supported by the SSC, was the first scientific symposium addressing this issue.

“In the Name of My Son” by Dan Sullivan

The SSC's Search for Answers and Solutions

SSC Founding Board Member Peter Sullivan visits his son's gravesite and reflects on the mission at hand: to ensure that none are left behind to suffer the invisible injuries of war.

Toxic Dust May Explain Health Issues for U.S. Troops

Health Problems Associated with Dust in Iraq

U.S. troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan & Kuwait have inhaled microscopic dust particles laden with toxic metals, bacteria and fungi — a toxic stew that may explain high rates of respiratory & neurological issues. By Maxine Park/USA TODAY.

“In The Name of My Brother” by Sam Slosberg

Sgt. Thomas Joseph Sullivan's Story

This video tells the story of the founding of the SSC and development of the mission.

“Long Island Soldier Laid to Rest”

Long Island Soldier Who Died from Health Complications Related to Deployment

According to the Tampa Tribune Sgt. Billy McKenna was initially diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder before a final diagnosis of a rare lymphoma which claimed his life and which the Veterans Administration associated with environmental exposures during deployment.